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For this public art commission I have had to learn how to negotiate creative time with a lot of time spent dealing with logistics, budgets, and fabricators.  The project has taken a year and a half to realize so I have needed to develop a good amount of patience.  For example today I spent most of the day with my assistant working on business items.  I didn’t get into the studio until 7PM.

I am creating these collages the old fashion way…… cutting and attaching in the studio with scissors and tape.  Working with my hands has always been important in my process. Most of the time when I project what I have figured out in photoshop it doesn’t work.  Something is very wrong with that picture!  Also, I wonder if at least I burn extra calories since I spend so many hours a day putting up and taking down large scale painted fragments.  In the end what I am looking for is a “made by hand” feeling.  My goal is to transform  the vestibule floors in the station into monumental floor drawings/paintings.


Walking on Sunshine

June 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

On September 9th, Philadelphia will receive an exiting new piece of public art. Margery Amdur, Philadelphia artist, will install her animated and uniquely designed vestibule floors at the Spring Garden Underground Subway Station. Septa, Philadelphia Southeastern Transit Authority, commissioned Amdur to design and install six new vestibule floors. There was a public call to artists for proposals, and Amdur was awarded the commission. She proposed to transform 4, 000 square feet of flooring with original large scale paintings that will be embedded into industrial resin.

“I asked myself was it possible to move my studio process into the subway station? Could I create a monumental work of art that had a sense of intimacy? What would it be like to create works that people would walk on day after day? I have made art all of my life. My studio process is labor intensive, and I am known for my attention to detail. I juxtapose images from popular culture, imagery taken from Paint-by-Number kits, with areas left open for interpretation. My work is a question that needs to be answered by the viewer.

When I was developing my proposal I visited the station on many occasions, and asked commuters who was their favorite painter? The vast majority of people said Vincent Van Gogh. Keeping that in mind as well as the name of the station, Spring Garden, I chose to work with floral imagery…more specifically passages taken from a store bought paint-by–number kit of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

I have composed a team of three “major league players.” I had to go to Michigan to find two of them. I am fortunate to have found one person who will be doing the digital translation of the drawings onto a special fabric that will be embedded into the floors, and a resin fabricator who will install the actual floors.

There is the notion that an artist is either a pubic artist or a studio artist, and the two are incompatible. I am determined to challenge this notion. I am an intuitive person, and an artist who works directly on the canvas. I start each new series with a concept, and then the work develops organically. Even though commuters will not be able to see the work in it’s entirety, I have painstakingly “visually massaged” each painting, as if it were going to be viewed in a gallery setting. I have made few compromises. In the end it will be interesting to see if my kind of attention to the details in the works is necessary for a monumental project of this scale. Probably not, but it is important to me. Ultimately. I have to answer to myself as well as the public and that is what really matters.

Serving a community of two high schools, two universities, and a historic neighborhood in transition, it is my intention to offer commuters a brief moment of visual delight during their transition from here to there.


Hello world!

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