Explanation of images

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment


I will continue to post fragments of drawings that I am working on.

In this fragment I have lifted and enlarged a portion of the imagery from a paint by numbers kit.  I work in layers.  Sometimes I feel a bit like Martha Stewart, because I am constantly mixing and matching.  I start off with one composition, and by the time the piece is completed I arrive at a place that I had no idea about when I started.  This is refreshing, yet much of the time I feel uneasy; however this is one of the things that drives me.

On to something else. …..The exciting aspect of this project is that when I am working in the studio I do not have my attention on the end result.  Underneath I am quite aware that I am creating vestibule floors for a subway station, but the beauty  day to day is that I work from a place that is internally driven.  Also, because the drawings/collages/paintings are 13′  in length, I comprehend the entire gestalt, but focus on the details in each section …….this is what is presented above.


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