Off to OX Bow

August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment


How much stuff will I actually use.  Who knows.  Who cares.  I am driving so I can just load up the back with almost as much as I can manage.  I am even taking a long folding table.  I want to make sure that I have plenty of table top space to spread out on.


In the flurry of it all

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Rushing around as usual.  I need to pack, I need to pay bills, I need to figure out what I am going to work on while at OX Bow.  How do I have time to get everything done?  I never know how, but I always manage to figure it out.

Resolved; Visually Delicious

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Number Three Completed.  I think that this may be my favorite one.  I like sections in each of the three compositions, but this one seduces me the most.  What does that mean?  I look at this and think “Visually Delicious”

Close to center

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I found a new Paint-By-Numbers Kit………..of a rose. The pinks are like cotton candy.  They add an overly sweetened quality to the composition.  Each of the three large scale drawings have their own unique personality.  I am pleased that they clearly have a relationship to each other, but I am thrilled that they stand on their own in such a bold manner.

Healthy Tension

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Paint swatches prior to placement

Section of 3rd vestibule drawing

Section of 3rd vestibule drawings

… what i have now done is to take many of my old palettes, pieces of frosted mylar that are covered with old globs of paint,  and cut them to fit on top of the painted grid that I presented in the last post.   After that I drew, cut, and adhered another layer of lines cut from frosted mylar on to the surface.   Most often I am  interested in creating a “healthy tension” between abstraction and representation.

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